RSS Widget - Cannot render Images

Hello dear, I have found a lot of common RSS channel where the images are not showing inside the feed, it is rendering only the Title and the description. Could you please check because RSS Feeds without images are useless:
Because of the restriction will post here only two Links, after that will post the next of Links.

I believe that it is general issue because the other Rss readers are showing the images correctly.

Do we have any updates for me?

Hey @Boyko, if you’ll look at the RSS feeds themselves, you’ll see that they don’t include images:

For example:

Yes, that’s the issue, actually they do have images, you can check the page source code, as well they are working just fine in That’s why I was wondering how to make them working in Ninja as well, but they have images.

the code is in guid:

From the screenshot you shared, you can see there’s no media:content tag, meaning, this RSS feed doesn’t support media and images.

As I wrote the secret is behind the guid tag, from where actually is taking the images, think about that, could be very useful or just have a test in or just try to find out haw do they did it?

We’ll check what can be done.