News article cards

I switched to Common Ninja for the Airtable integration and love all the widgets. The only widget in my old stack that’s missing is a good way to render online news articles like I would love a widget that’s visually like the Medium feed but takes in a more flexible table of links to multiple news sources (Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, etc.). Fields for both the article’s main image and the (smaller) source’s logo would be great.

Hey @sally, if you’re using the Airtable integration and adding the content you want to display there, you can select any of our widgets that support data integrations to display these news from various sources.


Thanks, Daniel. That’s what’s I’ve done for now, but this approach doesn’t quite meet the specs of the request I submitted since there aren’t two image fields: one for a cover photo and one for the outlet logo.

@sally in that case, what about the 3d cards?

The layout of those is totally what I had in mind!

If there were a flat version (no animation, no drop shadow), they’d definitely meet my needs. I think the 3D features aren’t a good fit for the otherwise flat design of our site.

Would it be possible to add a toggle switch for those features?

Thanks for exploring the options with me!

Not at the moment, but we’ll consider adding an option to turn these off.