Event listing - Full details not showing correctly on google site

Hey team,

I’m using the event listing widget. When I embed it into a Google Site, the full detail card does not show properly. What’s the best way to embed it (I used both methods as per instruction) so the full detail card is shown correctly on screen?

Hey @adioso, that happens because in Google Sites, the platform embed our widget inside of an iframe. There’s a way to bypass that if you’re using Cloudflare. If that’s the case we’ll be happy to guide you on that :slight_smile:

What’s the pathway there? Also, how can tiles be directed to a webpage instead of opening a full details card?

It’s all part of the iframe problem. You need to add our script globally in order for it to work, and that’s something you can achieve with cloudflare.

Can I get the guided bypass, please? How do I not have full details pop up as a modal but on click it goes to a URL?

You need to add our script globally with Zaraz:

<script src="https://cdn.commoninja.com/sdk/latest/commonninja.js" defer></script>

Whilst I work on that. How do I not have full details pop up as a modal, but when I click, it goes to a URL?

This is how our widget works outside of iframes :slight_smile:

I’m unsure if I understand. I’m asking how to prevent full details from popping up as a modal. iframe no iframes it still pops up

Oh, sorry, I didn’t understood that. Would you like to disable the popup functionality completely?

Yes, that’s right. If possible, redirect it to a URL. Disabling full details will be a good feature if others would like to have a redirect.

Got it. Great feature request, I believe we’ll be able to deliver this in the next couple of weeks. We’ll keep you posted.

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Hey @adioso, I’m happy to share that this feature is now available under the Settings section!

Screenshot 2024-07-10 at 16.19.15

Yes, awesome thanks! Not sure where this sits but it will awesome when it’s disable it could be redirected to a custom field (URL). So when a tile is clicked it can go to a page

It’s available under the Settings section. You can add a custom field of type “Button” or “Link” and it will appear on each card item and can link to other page :slight_smile:

Yes, I understand I can use the button or link field. However, when you have multiple tiles, having repetitive buttons or links looks messy.

Personally I believe it’s a common UX you see on the web. For example:

Either way, that’s the solution we currently have.