I’m using the Events List Widget on a Genially project.

I have inserted it as an external content and it’s appearing on place, ok.

BUT hsve detected 2 errors when:

1- the pop-up window with the FULL DETAILS VIEW doesn’t appear when the project is shown in full screen. It’s like they opened but stayed behind, not in front and you don’t see them.

2- if the Genially project has 2 or more pages, and there’s a widget inserted in page 1, for instance, you will see it the first time you arrive to the page, BUT it will not appear if you go to page 2 and come back to page 1.

I’ve prepared 2 pages example:

Thanks for reporting the issue, we’ll check and get back to you on that.

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@barbara_partegas thanks for reporting these two issues.

  1. Unfortunately it’s a browser behaviour we can’t change. Once you go to a full screen view, the browser blocks other elements that being added afterwards.

  2. I believe this happens because we have no way to detect that something has been changed on the page (because of the way this specific platform works). What you can do it to manually render the widget by calling the following script:


ups, thank you Daniel, what a disappointment… i had bought both Genially and Common Ninja pro thinking it will make my project go nice… well. I can still try this “manually render the widget by calling the following script: CommonNinja.init();.” BUT since i don’t understand what EXACTLY should i do i’ll have to look for someone in Fievrr or similar to try it for me.

Which platform have you used to build your website?

I 'm not building an entire website, but only 2 pages, and i’m using Genially to make them. Maybe it’s not common, but i use it because there’s lots of interactions and graphics, and also for the rest of the features i need it works well.
And when i needed a CMS, i googled “Widgets for Genially” and there i found Common Ninja, so i was sure it would work with no problem.
I’ll deliver those 2 pages to the customer, who is using a bloglike site like that: https://www.montornes.cat/ambits/educacio

Hi Daniel,

it wordked well embedding with IFRAME instead of STANDARD

thanks for your suggestion

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Sure thing, happy to help :slight_smile:

UNFORTUNATELY, embedding as iframe also brings errors that I don’t know how to fix.
It’s about the LINKS. They don’t open properly.
They appear in the same frame, not in a new window.

Is there anything I can add to the code and could you explain me HOW to add it inorder to fix this link issue? If not i’m I’m afraid I won’t be able to use the widget, and I’ve paid and spent my time on it.


I prepared 2 examples for anyone who could help with it to understand:

error iframe:

errors JS SDK:

You can change the link target for each item:
Screenshot 2024-02-20 at 11.50.26

HI Daniel! Where? (i use cvs integration)

Got it. We’re pushing a fix for this.

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Oh yes! it’s working!

Thank you! :ok_hand:

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Sweet! Thanks for the update :slight_smile: