Add smoothed Line Graph instead of the current one

The current line graph looks rigid and like a step graph and the look and feel is not good … please consider the line smoothed graphs added feature which so basic to any chart graphs …

example :
the current look vs the smoothed line

graph one

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Thanks for the feedback, you can now use the new chart type we support called Spline :slight_smile:

Amazing thanks but there is a problem

the data points value disappeared , why


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Thanks for reporting the data labels issue, we’re pushing a fix now :slight_smile:

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please make the spline when not connected lines , get connected this does not look good

This can be fixed, by adding the missing points to the data itself.

it is not a missing point , there is no data actually … Google charts have the option to connect such points in this case …connect the disconnected lines instead …this is because all my data and its calculations are based on automation , so placing manual data is not an option …so is it still a possibility to get this option from your side …