Gradient alpha fill charts background-color

Would be good to have option to make the charts color under the line a gradient option and alpha controls like this

Thanks for the feedback, this feature is on its way! It will be available by the end of the day :slight_smile:

Oh Really? Though that this forum will never be replied, I was just writting for someone else enjoy in the futue

Can’t wat for that!

I tried to make the CSS fill , but fill does not assume linear gradient. I was looking for the element with url background, but I believe for that we should have access to the body

I was also trying to create a contaner with linear gradient to hack that appending above the chart but the container changes it position depending on the screen

Let me know when you have a solution for that

It should be available by now :slight_smile:

Hey @Daniel it looks so much better. unfortunately I’m not able to select the color of the gradient. I mean, at least we should be able to select the main color with opacity 1

I tried to write some code to change that but I couldn’t

The only color option available to change is that color pallets in the first tab.

Or am I doing something wrong?
Anyway, if you can consider that for the future will be great


You can actually change the color of the series (in the data settings). This color will be apply on the gradient.

hey @Daniel when I change the color in the graphic data, the gradient looks like does not working anymore

But when I select SKIN pallets it back to work,

could you check that?

thank you

We’re pushing a fix for this now :slight_smile:

It’s working now, thank you so much

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