New configuration option to select which line chart line should be displayed

We have a line chart that consists of 2 data sets. We would like to have the feature that only one of these data records, i.e. 1 line, is displayed by default and the second data record is only displayed by clicking on the second data record in the menu bar.There is already a great function that allows you to show and hide a chart by clicking on it in the menu bar. Is there such a function? How could I implement this?

For example, we have a chart that compares the performance of a stock β€œChart 1” with another β€œChart 2”. We would like only Chart 2 to be displayed at the beginning (but both names, i.e. β€˜Chart 1’ and β€˜Chart 2’ are displayed in the menu list). If you then click on β€˜Chart 1’ with the mouse, this line chart is also displayed. You would then see both line charts at the same time.

Thank you for the excellent suggestion!

We’ve added it to our roadmap, and we will update you if it gets implemented.