Widget resizing on mobile

Hi could you advice me if I make a widget, image carussel etc, and on desktop the size is ieg740x740 square, on the mobile it cuts the image to vertican half, and visible only thehalf ofthe image, instead of resizing to ieg 300x300. Where can I adjust differently the desktop and mobile view? Thx

Thanks for the feedback @Novak_Miklos, weโ€™ll add the option to edit the sizes for different devices soon :slightly_smiling_face:

Thx Daniel,

may I ask you, apprx when? I would like to make subscription and for this missing feature is bothering me. 80% of visitors are already via mobile.



It will be available in about 15 minutes from now :slight_smile:

Thx Daniel it works

Have a nice day


Az iPhone-omrรณl kรผldve

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Thanks, have a nice day too :slight_smile: