Timeline Does not Display on Mobile Correctly

No matter what I do, my mobile timeline does not show correctly in preview or on website. I have adjusted the sizes on the main wrapper, timeline width, changed font sizes, etc… While working on the widget it looks right but preview and site show all the information on the same side of the timeline, information should be showing on both sides.

How can I fix this?

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Hey @kafeend how are you? Where can we see the issue live? Can you share a link to the relevant page on your website?


scroll down near the bottom

The timeline shows up fine on desktop and iPad but mobile such as phone doesn’t display right…even in the preview of the widget, it displays incorrectly.

This is what it should look like:

This is what website and preview show no matter what changes I make:

Thanks for reporting, we’ll check.

any update to this issue?

@kafeend found it. The issue was caused because you’ve set a maximum width of 125px to the card:

Once removed on mobile, it works well :slight_smile:

We removed it for you.

Thank you for pointing that out. I am still looking at the preview and the site and it still loads incorrectly. Everything is on the left side of the timeline still instead of on both sides.

It seems to be aligned correctly for me:

Which device and browser you’re using?

I am using iPhone 14 Pro Max and Safari. It shows exactly like this in both Safari and on my laptop (chrome browser) when previewing the timeline for mobile and on the actual website itself.

We found the issue and the fix is on its way.

Thank you, it looks perfect now!!

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Sure thing, happy to help :slight_smile: