Countdown timer not displaying correctly on mobiles

I am using the countdown timer on my website which is fine. However, on mobiles just the seconds box wraps to the second row, and it is not centered, so it looks off-kilter.

How can I change it so either the seconds and minutes wrap to the second row, or all counters remain in a single row? I have tried by using responsive media queries in CSS to apply a transform:scale rule, but that’s not working.

Any help would be much appreciated.
Screenshot 2023-11-28 112624

Hey @webinc, thanks for reporting the issue!

Can you share a link to your live website where we can see the issue?

Thank you, yes…
This is the page you can see it on:

Scroll down a little to find it, and view it in mobile size.

Thank you

@webinc thanks for reporting this bug. We’re on it.

Hi @webinc - please see if the issue was fixed.

Thank you Erez

Yes - the countdown timer is now displaying correctly on mobile devices.
Many thanks for your speedy help with this.