Subsplash/SnapPages needs a search box or bar!

I can’t believe that Subsplash/SnapPages has no built-in search widget, but it doesn’t seem to. Would love to see you guys make one! If it could be an icon in the main nav, even better, but I’ll take whatever I can get. :slight_smile:

Hey @Jana, that’s a great idea for an app we can build.

Regarding the functionality how would you expect it to work? What the user is going to search for?

I’d like it to be a search that could take any word or phrase and create a page of results showing all the content in the website that includes the given word(s).

For reference, see how the search works (in the main nav) on this WordPress website:

(For the Subsplash site, I’m currently using a Google search box, but it’s not aesthetically simple, or terribly user-friendly.)

My specific use is for a church website where people will mostly be looking for classes or events.


Got it. Thanks for the feedback, we’ll check if this is feasible :slight_smile: