Glossary Widget

Are there any plans to create a glossary widget? This would be helpful.

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Hey @Pardon, that’s a great idea for a widget we can develop and add to our suite :slight_smile:

We’ll take it to the product team and get back to you once it’s ready.

Awesome - so does this mean you guys are going to do it?

if so, do you have feel for hwne it will be ready? I’m just try to figure out if I should use other sources?

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Yes. I believe we’ll able to release it by the end on the year / early 2024 :slight_smile:

Hi @Pardon,

We’re excited to announce that our Glossary widget is now ready and available! We’re always grateful for new widget ideas, so thank you once again for your input.

You can check it out here: Glossary Widget - Free & Works on Any Website

We’d really appreciate your thoughts and feedback on it.

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HI - I am trying to use the new Glossary widget, however I am getting an error message that my plan does allow access to the glossary widget

I am on the starter plan and am supposed to have access to 550 widgets.

Please advise.



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Hey Kenton @Pardon, thanks for reporting this issue. We fixed it, and now you should be able to create glossary widgets as well :slight_smile:

Thanks Daniel -

Another question. I use Wix for my webpage, and noticed that there is a CommonNinja plug-in on the Wix app store.

Is it possible to access my native CommonNinja account from within Wix app store? I’ve just paid quite a bit of money for my CN memberhsip and want to be able to use it.

I have starterpack and it gives me unlimited monthly view as well

At the moment there’s no way to connect your Common Ninja account to our app on Wix. Maybe we’ll support that in the future.

But you can use our widgets on Wix anyway:

Is there better SEO if I use CN inside Wix vs the standalone version?

Depending on the way you embed our widget on Wix.

If you’re using the following method:

SEO will be the same for both. Else, if you’re embedding our widget with an iframe, the Wix app would be better.

Thanks Daniel -

Couple of suggested feature enhancements.

  • The abiltiy to embed images in the definition of the word.

  • The abilty to embed hyperlinks within the word definition.

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Great feedback, see my comments below:

  • The abiltiy to embed images in the definition of the word.
    That’s already an option! Each definition has the option to add media.

  • The abilty to embed hyperlinks within the word definition.
    That’s a good feedback, we’ll add this option.