Is there an Etsy widget that can displayetsy store products?

I am currently looking into creating my own Etsy app to import my wife’s Etsy store products into her website, so that customers can click on a product there and be taken to her Etsy store. Right now I am “faking it” with a selection of static products in a gallery I made.

I found CommonNinja because I was searching for that feature and I found the Etsy review widget. I put it in my wife’s Joomla 4 website and it works fantastic.
I had made my own widget the hard way, but yours is better.

However, if there was a product display widget for Etsy, a pro subscription for me would be a no brainer. Right now I am learning node.js, setting up the environment for it and hopefully I’ll be able to make my own widget. I am not looking forward to that for something that in theory should be very simple.

As I understand it, Etsy requires an API Key which you get after applying to be an app developer. That’s probably more than your casual Etsy shop owner wants to do, but it was easy for me and I think that process could be explained to even a newbie to APIs and developer sign ups (It’s really no different than Instagram or any other API application)

If the API is the stumbling block, I think it can be overcome and if you guys offered an Etsy Product widget, I for one, would subscribe today.

I have a feeling that something stopped you guys from creating something like that and I’d be interested to know what it was and if it can be fixed.


Hey @Marco_Conti, thanks for the feedback. At the moment our Etsy reviews widget only support shop level reviews, but adding an option for product level reviews is definitely something we can support as well :slight_smile:

I’ll take it to the team and will let you know once it’s ready.

Product level reviews would be excellent, but I really meant a widget that could display an Etsy store products on any website.

Etsy used to have such widget, but they discontinued it and it wasn’t responsive anyway, so it became tiny on mobile phones.
Right now, one needs to register with etsy as a developer, then they give you API keys and some tutorials on how to create your own “widget” that will display your shop products in any website (if you have access to the code, of course). I am currently working at getting my API from etsy (you have to be approved) but it would be much nicer if someone could create the widget with the option of entering the API keys. It would not be as easy as your other widgets, but neither very hard. If you go to (my wife’s webpage, you’ll see that I am working on the display of some of her products. Currently, it opens a larger image, but eventually I want to have a grid similar to her shop on Etsy, where customers can click on the picture and they are taken to her etsy shop. Is that a bit clearer?
ChatGPT wrote a script for me, but I haven’t checked if it works yet or not, as I am waiting for the private and public keys. But if that’s all that’s needed, anyone could buy your widget, apply as a developer, enter the keys and then place the script anywhere on their website.

Cheers. I’ll let you know if it works.

Got it. Thanks again for the feedback and idea, we’ll definitely consider adding Etsy products widgets as well :slight_smile: