Video poll Daily voting system

Is it possible to create a video poll with a daily voting system. Example, The user can come to vote today and after they have vote, they need to wait for tomorrow before they can vote again

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Thanks for the feedback @Admin_Arus we’ll add this option soon and will let you know once it’s up :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I have a question for the video poll (detect user by) setting. What is the difference between custom form submission and custom form submission+IP address. Ican’t find any difference between these two because when i choose custom form submission i only have 1 chance to vote eventhough i already clear cache. It is not the same as detect user by browser where i can still vote when i clear cache.

It means that we’ll try to validate both IP address and the unique ID of the user from the form. If one of them already exists in our records the user won’t be able to vote again.

So what is the difference between the choices of custom form submission and custom form submission+IP address?

Custom form submission won’t validate IP address as well.