The paging feature "Catalog" & "PDF Flipbook"


Would like to emphasise a "paging feature on the widgets of “catalog” and “pdf flipbook” as for now once you have hundreds of listings on both widgets the page is getting way to long.

Would be good to set a “by own choice” total columms and rows you would like to see on your page , and below on the wdiget possibility to get to the second, third, … page.

Will make it much more digestable for the visitors of the websites, and also much better for UX of the website.

Many Thanks, Printhereum

Thanks for the feedback @Printhereum, that’s definitely a feature we can support.

Do you have a widget that have many listings? That would be helpful for us to understand the current experience.

Hi Daniel

The Catalog widget is already live on the website , or should I share the link to the widget from common Ninja?

For now i am building on the catalog widget but expansion is related to the community i work with , so for now as started yesterday only around 6 are registered. But guess if the widget can have 2 colomms and for example 5 rows per page that would be nice.

In regards to the “flip book pdf” i am currently working on data for it so it’s on a test page on the website, i see standard “desktop view” 5 coloms and would be nice to have also 5 rows. So 5 colomms and 5 rows per page.

Let me know if you need the links of the widgets? Thanks for reaching out. Regards

Hi Daniel been doing some tests on phones with “pdf flipbook” such a lovely widget on tabelt and PC unfortunately on Phone it’s a bit unconvenient to use. But every challenge has a solution so will work with the PDF Gallery. Would be nice to have as on the “Catalog” also a paging feature. Did some test upload on the website guess standard we have 3 colums (good) and would be nice to have also 5 rows. So 3 colums / 5 rows, thanks a lot for considering those paging features on the 2 widgets. Regards

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Thanks @Printhereum, that’s really helpful. We’ll add a pagination option to some of our widgets including listings, and PDF gallery.

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