Calendar - Some enhancements

Hi Team

Would like to request couple enhancements of the calendar widget

  1. Localised time settings of the user
  2. Incl a place/location with little icon at the top and as entry field when creating the event (see sample)
  3. Ability to showcase 2-3 items in the line before the + sign appears

Thanks for these small and relative easy to implement enhancements



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Thanks for the feedback @bastij, we can definitely add these options.

Just to make sure we understand, here are some follow up questions:

First, are you referring to the Calendar widget or to the Agenda widget?

As for your questions:

  1. Where would you like it to apply? Where does the localized time should be displayed?
  2. No problem.
  3. What kind of items, and to which + sign are you referring to?

thanks for circling back. Its around the calendar widget

1/ I believe actually that the times are in local regardless of what you set so it might be fine.
2/ thanks
3/ something like the below


Got it. Thanks for the feedback, we’ll see if that’s doable.