Add to Home Screen banner

Anybody knows about " Add to Home Screen banner" on a mobil page so people don’t have to go through care button?

Hey @user2 are you referring to one of our widgets?

Does Common Ninja has such widget?
I am looking for one click banner “Add to Home Screen” so people don’t have to use share button.

Do you have an example for such widget that you saw somewhere else?

Daniel .
I never saw the widget. But imagine if on a mobil device ,on the open page would be a button “Add to Home Screen”
It would save 4 steps : share button, scroll up, save to Home Screen, save.
This kind of widget would give opportunity to make a web app in 1 click instead of 4!!!
What do you think?

Got it. Thanks for the feedback and info, we’ll check if this can be done :slight_smile: