3D Cards – Hide and show 3D Cards by schedule ?

Hi there

We have just used the 3D Cards for offers for our members and find it a very useful way to do this.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to schedule a specific offer (among the others, e. g. which one is only available from July 2024). So we have to add it in July manually.

On the other hand, it would also be desirable to hide a specific card from the day the offer will no longer be available.

Incidentally, we have just noticed that someone had the same request for job ads and this has since been fixed. Perhaps this also applies to the 3D cards?

Thanks for your interest and support.

Can you kindly share a link to the live page where we can see the issue live?

Hi Daniel

Sure, you’ll find it under Mitgliederangebote - Schweizerischer Turnverband - STV and under Angebote fΓΌr Vereine - Schweizerischer Turnverband - STV

Thank you.

Thanks. We’ll check and get back to you on that.