URL Masking and User Play Count Limit for Audio Player

Currently looking for a better way to play music on a webflow site for a Music Label other than embedding a player from one the big music platforms, and hoping to save a lot of time not having to create it in-house.

Not having URL Masking/Obfuscation and User Play Count Limit seems like a missed opportunity as I am having trouble finding a competing producting with those features in a nice package with file-hosting baked in. All the while being GDPR compliant without cookie-warning/pop-up. :crossed_fingers:

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Hey @Gnuff, that’s a great feedback! We plan to add support for URL masking later on this year. As for user play count limit, that’s also something we can support in the future, but it will be based on user cookies / IP address - which are not bullet proof :slight_smile:

Good news @Gnuff, the URL masking feature is now available for the Audio Player widget, and other widgets as well.

To activate it, just add the URL Masking integration:
Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 15.04.55