Grab UTMs from URL and post responses + UTM info into google

Hey I’m wondering if your forms can use hidden utm parameters > grab those from the URL > then pass them back to a google sheet, along with the form answers.

So something like: We direct a user to a page, the page has your form on it, that page redirect has utm values in the url, something like:

Is there a way for us to setup hidden utm text fields in the form > dynamically grab those as β€˜responses’ > then post those responses to a google sheet, automatically? (or if there’s a better place to post, I’m curious about your opinion on that).

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Hey @Prairie_IT not at the moment, but this is definitely something we can support.

A few questions:

  • Would you expect the entire URL to be saved or just the query parameters?
  • Should the query parameters should be saved as a string or an object?