Edit Brackets Layout

The 14 Player Double Elimination Bracket has 4 players starting in the quarterfinals, while others in the pre-rounds play two games, just to get to the quarterfinals.

Why can’t we move games around to make our own brackets - the ones we’re used to start with 12 players in the ‘pre-round’, not just 4.


Hey @SLPCCWebTeam, you can move around participants and decide who plays vs. who. Then, I can see that the tournament hasn’t started yet. Once it will, you’ll be able to set in each current or future games the participants.

We wanted to be able to have 12 players in the pre-Round, not move the players around the existing 4 player pre-round

How is it fair that those four players will play two games before the last set of players even play one games and start the tournament in the quarterfinals?

Hmm… In that case how about rounding the number of participants to a square number? (8. 16, 32), this way you won’t have that issue.