Bracket Maker - Group Play Predictions

We are impressed with the features of the bracket maker, however, it is missing one important function for us to be able to implement the widget into our website.

Why are we not able to turn on voting for the group stage style tournament?

The bracket looks great and does everything we need it to, except allowing users to vote for Group winners and the winners of the knock out rounds.

I made a comment on the youtube video:

It was mentioned that this feature is being worked on.
We are hoping to use the bracket for the Copa America this Summer on June 20th.
Do you think this will be rolled out by then?

Hello all!

In regards to the bracket maker - any developments on ability to vote in the Group format of the software?

I am hoping to be able to use your widget for this summer. However, if it will not be ready, it would be great to know so we can look for a solution before the tournament starts.

Thanks again!

Hi all! Following up on this.

If we don’t hear back this week, we’ll begin the process if finding another solution.

Thanks and keep us updated on the group brackets.